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One morning

Cinematic Symphony n°11 - 2018

A new work of twelve minutes for full orchestra.
Conceived to be performed with the projection of the images of the Earth of Blueturn (thank you very much Jean-Pierre Goux -

Pachamama Symphony


Concert piece for band - 2014/2015

Premiered February 16th 2016 by the Musique des gardiens de la paix in Paris under the baton of Gildas Harnois

Images by Nelson Castro, mastering by Pierre Jacquot.

Final : Click Here

Complete piece: Click Here

L’Opéra de la Lune

Musical Tale for orchestra and actor, composed on the famous Jacques Prévert’s text - 2005


La valse des moutons


La Petite danseuse


Four symphonic suites from the eponym ballet music - 2002
You can now read complete sore and listen to the music.

La Petite danseuse, Suite n°1 for orchestra. Length: 18’40 in six movements
Instruments's nomenclature: 2/2/2/2/1Sax/2/2/1/Timp./5 Percs/Accord./Pia./Strings
Synchronized score

La Petite danseuse, Suite n°2, 18’46 in two movements, La Classe de danse, Le Bal à l’Opéra.
Instruments's nomenclature: 2/2/2/2/1Sax/2/2/1/Timb./4Percs/Accord./Piano/Cordes
La Classe de danse with synchronised score
Le Bal à l'Opéra with synchronised score

La Petite danseuse, Suite n°4, Jazz Suite, 18'48 in four movements, Le Miroir, Le Cabaret, La Séduction, Burlesque, Les Filles
Instrument’s nomenclature: 2/2/2/2/1Sax/2/2/1/Timp./5 Percs/Accord./Pia./Strings
Synchronized Score

La Petite danseuse, Suite n° 5, Le Ballet blanc. Adagio for cello and Orchestra. Length: 9’ 20 in four movements.
Instruments's nomenclature: 2/2/2/2/1Sax/2/2/1/Timp./3 Percs/Accord./Cel./Strings
Synchronized score

Paysages de conte

Concerto for large orchestra inspired by the Charles Perrault's Fairy Tales -1997/1998 Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France, 14’30 in 5 movements
Instruments's nomenclature: 3/3/3/3/2Saxs/4/3/3/1/Timp./5 Percs/14/12/10/8/6

Excerpt with score

Echo de Narcisse

Concerto for piano and orchestra, 28', 1995/1996

Mouvement n°1


Les couleurs de la parole

Concert piece for chamber orchestra, 23’ - 1990/1991

Mouvement n°9


Huit pièces pédagogiques

Concert pieces for student orchestras, 20’ - 1982

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