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de mis composiciones las más sincronizadas actualmente en cine, televisión, Internet y DVD en los diez países más receptivos a mi música – fuera de Francia :

Gran Bretaña, Países Bajos, Estados Unidos, Italia, Dinamarca, Hong Kong, Noruega, Canadá, Brasil, Bélgica
  1. Tombeau de GesualdoDLMéditions
  2. Du jour à la nuitDLMéditions
  3. Time ColorsCézame
  4. The LetterUniversal
  5. Emergency RoomUniversal
  6. AsphyxiaCézame
  7. Space CreaturesUniversal
  8. Passage de l'heure bleueDLMéditions
  9. BorealisCézame

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Un fragmento de "La pequeña bailarina de Degas", ballet sinfónico creado en el 2003 en la Ópera de París, reestrenado en el 2005 y 2010.
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Denis Levaillant

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Contemporary Works Vol3

I am delighted to announce the release of the third volume of the collection Contemporary Works that I am developing with SUPERPITCH/BMG.

Ten excerpts of my chamber music are now available for audiovisual professionals.

Publisher’s presentation: « Composer extraordinaire Denis Levaillant is back with a new set of somber, poignant pieces where a cold loneliness reigns, only to be rivaled by the artist’s personal, almost trademarked version of desolation. Unsettling, bleak, sometimes downright depressing, these mysterious, classical contemporary tracks will keep haunting you, long after you’ve heard them. They also confer their tense, suspenseful and orchestral quality to any drama or thriller, architecture documentary or culture piece, avant-garde art house film or film noir in need of a touch of European flair. We love weird. »


Contemporary Works - Vol.2

Contemporary Works Vol2

I am delighted to present you my new album CONTEMPORARY WORKS, the second of a new collection that I develop with the label SuperPitch, worldwide distributed by BMG - Artist Series - 

Editor’s presentation: “French composer Denis Levaillant’s neo-classical compositions never disappoint and always hit every single spot and a wide range of emotions. Here, he strikes again and displays his usual emotional mastery with a delicate palette that explores all the shades of the human heart: dark, sad, melancholic, gloomy, hopeful, tender, peaceful, dreamy… Levaillant's sense of drama always brilliantly illustrates both documentary and feature films."

Contemporary Works - VOL.1

I am delighted to present you my new album CONTEMPORARY WORKS, the first of a new collection that I develop with the label SuperPitch, distributed by BMG - Artit Series -

Editor’s presentation: “Helmed by French composer and pianist Denis Levaillant, here comes a collection of contemporary classical music. The compositions, recorded with a small ensemble, touch the heart and trigger a wide range of emotions, at times evocative and tender, at others melancholic, ominous. Levaillant explores the desolate void and intricacies the human soul offers, with a depth both abyssal and poignant. Art imitates Life, and Life imitates Art.”

New Album - Electro Space Piano

electro space piano cover

A new album, ELECTRO SPACE PIANO. It makes it possible to follow the historical evolution of digital sound treatments since it brings together three works for piano and electronics. These pieces are all organized in the same way, a concert piano dialoguing with an orchestra of transformed piano sounds: Piano transit, pioneering work in this field (1983, commissioned by the Ministère de la Culture), Elektrospacepiano (2003, commissioned by the Ina-Grm) and the latest, entirely realized in my studio, Piano Augmented: More Lights (2019).

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Shita Kiri Suzume - Denis Levaillant @Ars Musica (2016)

We have just received the beautiful film of Shita-Kiri Suzume, a new work by Denis Levaillant and we decided to share it with you!

Shita-Kiri Suzume is composed for shakuhachi (sublimely played by Reison Kuroda) and ensemble (here Musiques Nouvelles directed by Jean-Paul Dessy). The show was created in November 2016 at the Ars Musica Festival in Brussels, with the live drawings of Kan Takahama and Vincent Fortemps.


Slightly 'minimal' piano sequences are processed and mixed with electro sounds; each track appears in three versions: mix, the piano alone, and electro alone. The resulting music is very original. This album is part of the project SoloPianoSolo Piano augmented Recital.


One morning

Cinematic Symphony n°11 - 2018

A new work of twelve minutes for full orchestra
Conceived to be performed with the projection of the images of the Earth of Blueturn (thank you very much Jean-Pierre Goux -


Les passagers du delta

El libro multimedia Les Passagers du delta (Jazz trio con Barre Phillips y Barry Altschul), se encuentra de nuevo disponible en versión digital:

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Paysages de conte

El libro multimedia Paysages de conte, dedicación a las obras para orquestra, se encuentra de nuevo disponible en versión digital:

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Manhattan Rhapsody

El libro multimedia Manhattan Rhapsody, dedicación de Jean-Michel Goury y sus amigos a las obras para y con saxófonos, se encuentra de nuevo disponible en versión digital:

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