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An excerpt of La Petite danseuse de Degas, symphonic ballet created in 2003 at the Opera of Paris and revived in 2005 and 2010.

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Denis Levaillant

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One morning

One morningCinematic Symphony n°11 - 2018

A new work of twelve minutes for full orchestra
Conceived to be performed with the projection of the images of the Earth of Blueturn (thank you very much Jean-Pierre Goux -



I am VERY happy to announce the release of my new recording: early and late sonatas by HAYDN, from n°13 to 51. I'm especially proud of this production (music, sound, mastering). Many thanks to Richard Wigmore for his fine contribution.

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Les passagers du delta

This recording is again available in digital distribution: choose the platform that is best for you



Augmented piano recital

I developed this project with Marc Piera, sound director at the Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris, where he perfected an avant-garde sound system.
Throughout the recital, the piano is amplified and transformed, while the sound is spatialised.
As it goes along, the electro joins in the dance.


Three new works

Three new works that you can listen and read (synchronized scores) :

Blue Shadows, for saxophone alto and cello, recorded by Jean-Michel Goury and Agnès Vesterman.

Caractères, for saxophones and flutes, recorded by Sophie and Jean-Michel Goury.

Reflets chromatiques, for clarinet and viola, recorded by Jean-Marc Foltz and Garth Knox.

Paysages de conte

The media-book Paysages de conte, dedicated to the Denis Levaillant’s works for orchestra, is again available in digital distribution:

Manhattan Rhapsody

The media-book Manhattan Rhapsody, dedicated by Jean-Michel Goury and his friends to the Denis Levaillant’s works for and with saxophones, is again available in digital distribution:

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The Musicians of Brême

A new video on YouTube The march of the Rooster

Please share this new children’s music!

The French Composer Denis Levaillant’s retelling of the famed Brother Grimm's Tale is again available in digital distribution:

Choose your favorite digital platform to discover my Children’s Music les Musiciens de Brême


A new work that you can listen and read (synchronized score):
L’Andalouse, for accordion and string quartet, recorded by Olivier Innocenti and the Amôn Quartet

Book 1 - 8'40
Book 2 - 14'40

Pachamama Symphony

I’m very happy to let you discover my new work for Wind Symphony, Pachamama Symphony, premiered in Paris last February 16th by the Musique des gardiens de la paix under the baton of Gildas Harnois.
(a film by Nelson Castro, mastering Pierre Jacquot):

Final : click here

Complete work : click here

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