The Work

Original work for a concert band, the Pachamama Symphony takes the name of the Earth goddess of the ancient Inca Empire. Representing fertility, generosity, and abundance in the Andean cosmogony, it remains particularly important for the rural Bolivian population dependent on the earth’s resources and who, still living traditionally, consecrates rituals and offerings to ensure his sustenance. Inspired by his many travels in Bolivia, the composer evokes the character of the indigenous music of the peoples of the Altiplano by original themes of his remarkably orchestrated invention, each movement relating to a traditional Aymara dance.
Philippe Buchin
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To enter an original piece for wind band by breath alone is in itself a first appeal to the listener's attention. For it is by inhalation alone that Denis Levaillant's Pachamama Symphony (2014-15) begins. From this breath of life, the sound is born, disorganized, or organized. Quite quickly, the sound universe developed by the composer offers a noticeable tension that attracts subtle attention. Thus the telluric function of the Mother Earth (Pachamama) is presented.
Patrick Péronnet
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The concert of February 17, 2017

Superb Latin American evening last night at the Conservatoire régional de la rue de Madrid by the Orchestre d'harmonie des gardiens de la paix de la préfecture de police de Paris: nearly 45 musicians, in uniform – including 7 women -, of a very high standard.
Thierry Vagne
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The Film

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Premiered on February 16, 2016 in Paris by the Music des Gardiens de la Paix under the baton of Gildas Harnois


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